Workshops and webinars for Schools, Colleges and Corporates
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
- Benjamin Franklin

Workshops and seminars ensure active participation of participants which boosts development of new skill set and techniques.  Participants not only learn a new skill or technique, they also have an opportunity to interact with the experts.

A child who knows how to protect herself/himself from abuse will be more confident and she/he will take care as she/he is been taught these skills.

A child who is aware of how to protect himself/herself from cyber bullying and use the social media in a right way will not have mental health issues or take any extreme steps.

A person who is aware of life skills will be able manage himself/herself and people around him/her very well as he is educated on this.

Empowering everyone to lead a beautiful life by providing these skills is a beautiful gift one can think of.

With the pandemic and lock down, webinars or video workshops have become the order of the day.  This mode which was unknown to many and confined to some business group, has all of a sudden become popular, easy and most sought after due to the ease of availability and operation, and cost effective as well.

Topics for Workshops and Webinars

For Students

For Teachers

For Parents

For Working Professionals

These are some of the topics that we have listed.  If you do not see a topic or title that you are interested in having the ThreeWaves facilitate, please contact at the contact numbers given in the website to directly discuss the specific programme of your choice.