Pre-Marital Counselling

 You don't marry someone you can live with ; You marry someone you cannot live without...

Marriage is a very important mile stone in everyone’s life as it defines the satisfaction level of your life. If you are in a happy marriage, this promotes your mental health and physical health. Not only that even the next generation will be happy and healthy. SO, marriage plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Being cautious and responsible during selecting a partner is not an option but should be mandatory. We spend so much time planning for wedding but not for planning how both of us can be happy together.

Marriage is a sacred coming together of two people. Not just two people come together, even the families come together. However, marriage has many aspects which many people are not aware of until they are into it. It is said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. There are contradictory opinions to this statement. However, it is true that men and women both have different physical, emotional, social and sexual needs.

Premarital counselling helps to understand each other as a couple and their expectations from the marriage. It is a therapy which prepares the couples for marriage. The counselling helps to make sure that the two of them have a strong and healthy relationship throughout their life. Premarital counselling helps to improve a couple’s relationship before marriage.

Premarital counselling is a wide term covering many aspects of the prospective marriage.  There are hopes, aspirations, fears, expectations and more which both the partners experience before they step into the sacred wedlock. When all these are communicated in a healthy way, it may help the couple to lead a happy married life. Most of the times the couple are apprehensive to express themselves fearing that their views may be rejected or misunderstood. In such a scenario, marital counsellors may help in breaking the ice between the couple and help in their sacred endeavour.

Generally, the below mentioned topics are discussed during Pre-Marital Counselling:

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 Premarital counselling is not a sort after service among the prospective couple in our country but there are many instances where the couples break up within few days, months or years after marriage, or have constant disturbance in their lives due to irrevocable differences. If these differences could be addressed before marriage, lot of marriages could be saved which in turn may save the couple and their children from the trauma of breakup and divorce.

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