Marriage Counselling

“The great marriages are partnerships. It can’t be a great marriage without being a partnership.” – Helen Mirren
Marriage is an amazing relationship where couples trust to spend rest of their life with one another. It’s easy to find a provider but not a partner, a happy marriage requires two partners to accept and respect each other, have shared goals and love each other immensely that their life becomes a beautiful journey.

What is the need of Couple Counselling or Marriage Counselling in India?

India is a land of cultures and ethics, and hence marriage is not just association between two partners but are affected by a plethora of factors: emotional, physical, social and financial. In Indian setting  marriage happens between families and not between couples only.  This has not only pros but cons too.

The various factors that the couple have to deal with results in marital discord to an extent that, it sometimes, is on the verge of breaking the sacred institution of marriage.  Marriage or couple counselling is the key to resolve issues between the couple and bring the spark required to lead a happy married life back again.

Marriage Counselling is:

1)For a better understanding

Most of the couples face issues in understanding each other, which leads to further complications. There are times when arguments are baseless but not anyone out of the two is ready to understand.

This is the time when marriage counselling can help the couple by conducting joint therapy and Individual sessions, where both the partners get adequate time and space to put forth their points  to the counsellor. Based on it, the counsellor could possibly lead to potential solution which could resolve the matter and bring harmony between the couple.

2)To gain the awareness

Many times we are not aware about the different personalities, conditioned upbringing, culture and values of  an individual. Educating couples about this brings in lot of understanding and acceptance among themselves.

3)Facing the truth

There are times when one of the partners or both are unable to accept certain facts about their other half. Truth can be in terms of anything, like trust issues,  poor habits, addiction, etc. One need to understand that marriage counselling is not always about saving a marriage for the sake of staying but it is a medium to choose a path that brings peace and mutual understanding between a couple, with respect.

4)In-laws and family members

As mentioned, a marriage has a deeper meaning in India and it brings a lot of roles and responsibilities, towards family members of both the partners. Sometimes, these responsibilities  might lead to certain complications between the couple which remains unspoken but leads to marital discord.

In such cases, marriage counselling  provides the platform to keep their concerns upfront and a professional counsellor could work with the couple to  lay down a possible number of solutions to alleviate any further complications.

5)Post marriage goals

As marriage brings in certain set of defined responsibilities to both the partners, achieving individual endeavours become challenging. There are times when ideas and opinions contradict and different perspective might be ignored.

This can be sorted  by couple therapy a.k.a. marriage counselling. As we know,  communication is one of the keys to happy married life.  So, it is always better to express each ones desires, goals and aspirations: like continuing  job, having a baby, financial planning etc.  The counsellor may help the couple to communicate in a healthy way. 

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