"We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves ."- Galileo Galilie
Every person has the strength, capability, aptitude, skills and confidence for the task at hand. However some are not aware of their potentials. Our endeavour is to enable such people to discover the inner potential.

Three Pillars of ThreeWaves



ThreeWaves is run by experts from the field with decades of experience. We are open for booking 7 days a week from 9 AM - 5 PM . You can book your appointments by reaching on our numbers. We request all to schedule appointments in advance.




With changing times our way to deliver our sessions have also changed. We deliver sessions both online over video and offline in -person. We do group sessions as well as individual sessions as per your need.                                                                                                                             



We believe in code of ethics. Our ethical pillars are Confidentiality, Competence, Consent, Conduct— The Ethical Pillars of Counselling . We preserve private information shared while participating in counselling or support programs                                                                                  

1. Individual Counselling
We deal with children, adolescent, women , elderly and professionals in private one-one confidential sessions.
2.Group Counselling
Group counselling and sessions are very effective way to earn from everyone’s experience.
3. Group Workshops & Webinars
We conduct workshops and webinars for institutions both in physical and online mode.